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Participate in our balance training study 

We are looking for healthy older adult males or females between the ages of  60-75 years old to take part in a muscle training study to assess balance.

Purpose of the Study

We aim to explore how balance training can change the way our nervous system works, specifically by looking at spinal reflexes. This study will help us understand more about the effects of EMG-biofeedback balance training. By analyzing responses from calf muscles and data on standing balance, we can learn more about these changes.

What is EMG-Biofeedback Balance Training?

EMG (electromyography) biofeedback balance training is a technique that uses real-time feedback on muscle activity to help improve balance. This method could be especially beneficial for older adults, potentially enhancing their stability and preventing falls.

What to expect?

You will be assigned to either the control group or EMG-biofeedback group by co-investigator Ava Bobinski.


If you are assigned to the biofeedback group, this study involves a baseline assessment, followed by four weeks of intervention, and two follow up assessments, separated by 2 weeks.


If assigned to the control group, you will complete a baseline assessment, and two follow-up assessments which are separated by 2 weeks.


Looking to Participate?

Contact Ava Bobinski:

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